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                                                                                              Ramerica International, Inc


Ramerica has been established in 1984 as a result of the Koç Holding’s international strategic attempts taken in 1980 regarding the expansion of the overseas activities. In 1985 the company designated the range of its activities as following: Marketing and sale of Turkish textile (ready-to-wear products) in the US market, Exporting raw materials from the US to Turkey, Trading between the US and Europe, Serving in US for the sale of the other Turkish products. Ramerica representing approximately 30 companies in machinery, equipment, construction and food fields in the United States, has been involved in marketing operations in a wide scope. In the new structuring of the Foreign Trade Group, Ramerica is operating as the US Liaison Office of the Koç Group since 1999.


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Akbank is one of the leading banks in Turkey with over TRY 444 bn consolidated assets. Incorporated as a privately-owned commercial bank in Adana in 1948, the bank is 48.8% owned by H.Ö. Sabancı Holding, affiliated institutions and individuals, with a free float of 51.2%.With its dedication to innovation and technology, Akbank continues to provide unrivaled financial solutions to its customers leveraging its robust capital, diversified funding base, strong liquidity, ability to raise foreign financing on favorable terms and superior asset quality together with its subsidiaries Ak Asset Management, Ak Investment, Akbank AG, Ak Lease and AkÖde. Its strong presence in the country and extensive network of over 700 branches enable the group to reach all segments of the population and act as a vital pillar of the economy.


Okumus Fund Management Ltd, (“Okumus’) was founded by Ahmet Okumus in 2009 and provides professional portfolio management for high net worth individuals, institutions and corporations in a core long/short equity strategy. Mr. Okumus serves as the Chief Investment Officer, leading a team of investment professionals who are responsible for identifying and researching ideas across a broad range of industries and geographies.Okumus pursues a value-driven long-short equity strategy utilizing a fundamental, bottom-up approach. The firm’s portfolio is concentrated with regards to both the number of investments and the number of sectors. Okumus takes advantage of structural inefficiencies in the marketplace that contribute to stock prices that do not reflect fundamental value. Although Okumus views things through a value lens, the firm is active in sectors such as technology and communications that value investors often avoid. The firm has a contrarian bent and often invests in companies that are oversold or out of favor.


Fort Partners is a Miami based, privately held real estate ownership, development, and management company, led by Nadim Ashi. Mr. Ashi’s core vision for the Fort Partners brand is one of permanence and solidity, understated elegance, sophisticated design, and impeccable, unparalleled service. Conscious of the importance of historic preservation, innovation, architecture, design, sustainability, and the environment, Fort Partners is committed to the purposeful integration of all aspects, that ultimately manifest in an orchestrated balance, providing spaces that enhance the wellbeing and lifestyle of their inhabitants. Through careful collaborations and thoughtful partnerships, Fort Partners creates lasting relationships with other like-minded companies, whose visions align with the Fort Partners dream. As a result, Fort Partners offers the highest standards of quality and service, along with acclaimed international design talent, to a market that is ready for world-class real estate and hospitality.



August Leadership is a Global Executive search firm, headquartered in New York, with offices in multiple locations across Americas, Europe and Asia. August is a word that conveys someone who is respected, dignified and impressive. With decades of experience, we specialize in connecting companies to the very best, ‘August’ leaders. The best leaders quickly integrate and influence the organizations they join. They create a velocity in business, accelerating growth. That is an August Leader – rare and precious in today’s changing world. When we find one for your business, greatness results.



ENKA İnşaat ve Sanayi A.Ş. is a Turkish construction, engineering, and project management company that was founded in 1957 by Sarik Tara and Sadi Gulcelik –two young civil engineers back then- as a Collective Liability Partnership in the construction business. Since their first project with their dedication on hard work, commitment, and company’s perception of safety, quality, and entrepreneurial spirit, ENKA became a corporation that is world-renowned and currently holds many important rewards for numerous outstanding projects. ENKA İnşaat ve Sanayi A.Ş.’s motto “Engineering for a better future” resumes ENKA’s corporate point of view on business and innovation. Not only with its many successful subsidiary companies but also with ENKA Scholls, ENKA Sports Club, and ENKA Art, ENKA has become one of the game changers in the globe which influences countless lives with integrity.



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